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    • Survival 2.0 is on it's way! Help make it better!


    • As you may have noticed if you watch my videos that I have been absent a bit more than normal. I have been trying to work on videos and getting some sort of way to stream in place but I was struck with a sickness that I can't pronounce but my doctor can say very fast a few times. I had swelling in my head, hands, shoulders, neck, back, and bronchitis at the same time. This made me spend more time at the ER than I wanted to. There was also a lot of personal issues that arose with my father and we are going to be moving a few states and dealing with a lot of shit. I don't know if I'll actually reveal what has happened but for anything to do with servers please contact @Kasprr @Kikø™ or @Smish.

      Videos will be slow. Quite slow. I'll figure something out. But fuck it's complicated. A few people will understand that sentence.

      ANYWAYS, you can contact me over Twitter, Snapchat, etc. thank you all for reading. Just a quick thing I had to write for people.

      https://www.patreon.com/plexiate if you want to help me out, I'll make an update more than likely a bit more in depth on YouTube but will exclude a lot that has happened.

    • Hello all,


            The last week of MallRP, being with the grand opening happening very recently, has been amazing. We have absolutely smashed the donation goal and this is allowing me to not need patreon donations for my dad as I can use money from the servers to put into savings.
      This is great because I can go and hide my personal life again :D

      I personally will be moving in 2 weeks time to another state, a little over an hour from where I am now. This won't allow me to have the availability that I have currently to work on things. I will be leaving Kasprr in full control over any situations that come up while I am unable to get on my laptop, this won't be too often but I can't say it won't happen. It's always better to have a backup plan than to be unprepared.

      NOTE. Kasprr needs time to work on addons as do I. Below is a picture I got from Kasprr at 3am.


      For this reason we are dedicating each night between the times of 2am-8am are restart times.
      You can't be angry at these times if we happen to do a restart on that night. We need to find time to work on things and this is the only way we'll ever be able to fix stuff/add custom classes into the server.


      We have officially made @Kikø™ the server manager for the Survival Minecraft server. She will be in charge of staffing etc. I can still be contacted and handle issues related the server though I would prefer you treat her as the manager she is and contact her first.

      Please remember to vote, voting helps the server in listings and in return leads more players to joining the server. I know there are max 20 people on a good day but please keep in mind that I am a Garry's Mod YouTuber not as much Minecraft. I won't get a constant 30+ people like the MallRP server has but I can sure try.

      The server will always stay up as I love to have the survival server, it goes back to 2014 with my original Minecraft server.


      Personal (else)

      Like I said I am moving and will have times when you can't contact me but I want to personally thank each and every one of the people who donate to the servers I and Kasprr run. This helps me out a ton if you know the situation with my dad losing his job and us crashing our van. The crash has literally fucked us, if it had not been for YouTube and my last (normal ad revenue) paycheck then we'd be homeless and split up as a family again right now. Actually that would have happened months ago. 

      I am trying to say that YOU have kept a family together through some really shit times. I won't go into detail as it's very personal to my dad but now that he is done with what his previous actions were he is feeling a lot better and looking more towards the future. He personally thanks you all as well. Please suggest ways that we can show gratitude.

      Now that has been said. Thank you once more. Now on to other news-

      I plan to open another Garry's Mod server sometime soon (hopefully within the next few months) involving the gamemode MethRP.
      We are waiting until the panel we have updates so we can allow our high up staff access to files/console.

      We also don't want to rush out two servers because of quality purposes. We want to ensure that you are happy with the content on the servers and you are having a great time.


      Update of 5/14/17

      We have currently 2 game servers open (Garry's mod, Minecraft) on both of them we are fully staffed for any situation. Which means we don't need staff. We have closed the staff application thread on the forums because we are not in need of any more staff members at all.

      Garry's Mod Updates:
      I've added Enhanced Meth Lab to the server to spice up illegal activity for those who want to make bank. Two NPC meth dealers are placed around the map and after you sell your batch of goodies to him you will be wanted. I can change it but I will leave it like that for now to test it out.

      Bartender now has the ability to buy foods and beers. Good luck with your shops.

      If you have suggestions then please post them and I will get to them. That's all for now, thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more.

    • Welcome one, welcome all. I am going to make a post about the new forums.

      You can login with your same old login and continue to do as needed. Most of the stuff on the forums is the same, though there are minor changes to the aesthetic of the site. It is mainly a lot easier to work with than Xenforo and will be replacing the website from now on. Now that's out of the way I can get back to posting normal content.

      The Garry's Mod server opened and we had a blast.
      I have this graph. For graph people.


      You can read it has the amount of traffic on the server or a "FUN O' METER" because our fun sky rocketed at 17:50pm.


      I'll make a new post when more updates come, just wanted to make sure I reposted this one to the forums.