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  3. Survival 2.0 is on it's way! Help make it better!
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  5. @Skyhunter @Nutamu Not as in a new world, I meant to clear the lag of unnecessary things in the world, getting up to 1.12.1, etc. It wont effect you guys or your builds in the slightest.
  6. Miss playing on the Gmod server, Anybody know what happened???

    1. sergeitarsaus


      I think the server just died because it wasn't populated...

    2. Hugeseemly


      No, that didnt happen. Its because Plexiate is still in the process of moving and currently has really terrible internet connection.

  7. Wait. A reset, when Cause if it is soon, i might as well not start my mega builds
  8. RIP GMOD MallRP server...

  9. hello I can not figure out how to join mall rp can you tell me how plz


  10. Yes.
  11. I have two accounts, so no
  12. -1
  13. -1
  14. i got some keys from daily logins and votes ect when the crates were broke due to the new update and i never got the keys, will they appear now?
  15. is there a limit to how many people can play on the same ip? like i have two accounts and me and my cousin play
  16. 3 alts.
  17. This has been resolved.
  18. @Dojo215Please send me evidence logs via Discord.
  19. I do not believe there is an alt limit. I may be wrong, dont quote me. But I dont think there is one.
  20. Hello fellow Minecraft players! As of right now, Rubby Crates have been fixed. If you have crate keys that you have not used yet, you can use them now! Best of luck, Austin
  21. reset as in new world? I finally got everything set up. Just bought my cow spawner the other day. Dang. I supposed it's fitting, my computer is making a horrendous noise now when I am on minecraft for more than a minute. Happened last time the world got close to ending. Oh well.
  22. We need more info to even consider adding this -Player models -Weapons -Sweps -Description of the job -Can the job raid/mug? -Can the job own guns? -How much the job gets paid -Can the job base -Is the job vip or not (This is replying to "I think a job should be added in the server")
  23. comment if you hate people begging for attention.

    1. SxAshHowl


      Dab on the haters


  24. I think with all this new and drama revolving around this meme I think a job should be added in the server along with the rest of the memes. so I think if it would be fair to have him as a class on this server. I'm also not great with finding weopons for a class for him but I think there was a sound weopon that should be add.
  25. If the money does get taken away (which it probably wont) Please log how much money you have every day and an admin will give you the money back if it does in fact go away.
  26. reset what about my 9 milli
  27. About the ruby crates @Nutamu, I think we plan on fixing them after the reset, which is coming soon. If it doesnt happen then, ill have a talk with brian or another person capable of making happen about seeing if we can get the crates up and running.
  28. ruby crates still busted 3 months after posts about it. I have nearly 2 stacks of the keys now lol I'd really like to use the 41 name tags I have. They refuse to take a name...probably because of the anvil issue. And I'd delete my comment about the signs on gates...worked out how to make it work (just don't put it on with the gate open. It causes it to reopen.At least with this it will even close behind you, awesome) but it seems I can't. Oh and someone pointed out the other day that the thingy with top votes at spawn is hilariously out of date.
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