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Life issues.

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As you may have noticed if you watch my videos that I have been absent a bit more than normal. I have been trying to work on videos and getting some sort of way to stream in place but I was struck with a sickness that I can't pronounce but my doctor can say very fast a few times. I had swelling in my head, hands, shoulders, neck, back, and bronchitis at the same time. This made me spend more time at the ER than I wanted to. There was also a lot of personal issues that arose with my father and we are going to be moving a few states and dealing with a lot of shit. I don't know if I'll actually reveal what has happened but for anything to do with servers please contact @Kasprr @Kikø™ or @Smish.

Videos will be slow. Quite slow. I'll figure something out. But fuck it's complicated. A few people will understand that sentence.

ANYWAYS, you can contact me over Twitter, Snapchat, etc. thank you all for reading. Just a quick thing I had to write for people. if you want to help me out, I'll make an update more than likely a bit more in depth on YouTube but will exclude a lot that has happened.


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