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We have currently 2 game servers open (Garry's mod, Minecraft) on both of them we are fully staffed for any situation. Which means we don't need staff. We have closed the staff application thread on the forums because we are not in need of any more staff members at all.

Garry's Mod Updates:
I've added Enhanced Meth Lab to the server to spice up illegal activity for those who want to make bank. Two NPC meth dealers are placed around the map and after you sell your batch of goodies to him you will be wanted. I can change it but I will leave it like that for now to test it out.

Bartender now has the ability to buy foods and beers. Good luck with your shops.

If you have suggestions then please post them and I will get to them. That's all for now, thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more.


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