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  1. Rapists can only rape the same person once every 10 minutes. If you see them rape or they rape you, kill them or arrest them. There's no need for a global cooldown.
  2. garrys mod

    Appeal denied. Try again in 2 weeks.
  3. Appeal denied.
  4. Appeal denied. Try again in 2 weeks if interested.
  5. FailRP simply limits roleplay and it's not something that is healthy for the server. If there are issues with people running back into spawn to avoid RP situations, that's something we can rectify with either FGR or some other addition to the rules, but it doesn't require an overarching "FailRP" that dictates what jobs can and cannot do.
  6. To clarify, when applications are open, we usually get about 100+ applications within a few days. We usually only have one or two people going through applications, so responding to every single one is unrealistic at this point. If applications are closed and you haven't heard anything, assume your application has been denied for that round and submit one again when they re-open.
  7. After discussion, the team has accepted your appeal. You have been unbanned.
  8. After discussion, the team has denied your appeal.
  9. I've added new money clickers, which are accessible from any job. They take a bit of setup to fully upgrade and once done, they are almost entirely "set and forget." I've also added in new money printers that is only accessible from the new Counterfeiter job. These printers take a bit of consistent maintenance (adding paper and paint, making sure they stay cool, etc), but make a lot more money than clickers do. If anybody has any feedback about this update, please let us know.
  10. After discussion, the team has denied your appeal. Feel free to re-appeal in 2 weeks.
  11. After discussion, the team has denied your appeal. Feel free to re-appeal in 2 weeks.
  12. A+ implemented
  13. garrys mod

    Your appeal was accepted and the ban was lowered. Appeal closed.
  14. garrys mod

    The team has voted and denied your appeal due to low effort. You can appeal again in two weeks. Appeal denied.
  15. The team has voted and your appeal has been accepted. Appeal closed.