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  1. @Skyhunter @Nutamu Not as in a new world, I meant to clear the lag of unnecessary things in the world, getting up to 1.12.1, etc. It wont effect you guys or your builds in the slightest.
  2. Yes.
  3. I have two accounts, so no
  4. @Dojo215Please send me evidence logs via Discord.
  5. I do not believe there is an alt limit. I may be wrong, dont quote me. But I dont think there is one.
  6. Hello fellow Minecraft players! As of right now, Rubby Crates have been fixed. If you have crate keys that you have not used yet, you can use them now! Best of luck, Austin
  7. If the money does get taken away (which it probably wont) Please log how much money you have every day and an admin will give you the money back if it does in fact go away.
  8. About the ruby crates @Nutamu, I think we plan on fixing them after the reset, which is coming soon. If it doesnt happen then, ill have a talk with brian or another person capable of making happen about seeing if we can get the crates up and running.
  9. It could be a good addition, but what is it needed for?
  10. It toggles it for the whole town, unfortunately.
  11. Usually, it would be easiest to make a select plot using /plot and whatever you want the plot to be. Then, claim the plot and only you can destroy and build within said plot.
  12. Notify an admin, as a moderator cannot assist with this to get you your stuff. Alternatively, you may ask the mayor of your town to invite you back, therefore letting you access everything again. Message me on Discord if you've have any further issues in this topic.
  13. Should be resolved as of now, even your sculpture has been fixed. Locking topic.
  14. anned for lying
  15. nope