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  1. RIP GMOD MallRP server...

  2. Fixed
  3. Some VIP Jobs don't have the CS:GO knives equipped for me, it would be nice if that gets fixed.
  4. It would be nice if the US Soldier could use things like arrest baton, weapon check and stun gun, so the soldier can act as a SWAT guy kinda.
  5. Just bought VIP. Waiting for new G-MOD Staff Application chance

  6. garrys mod

    ? the video isn't removed, it just didnt load the screen at first
  7. Jack and Morgan Freeman are buddies that are playing together Jack STEAM_0:1:18335506 Morgan Freeman STEAM_0:1:107514094 NLR +5 times, RDM x2 times I am Jeff Kaplan in the video
  8. Why is the G-MOD server down during CET and Greenwitch afternoon?
  9. Not this, please no
  10. Before I go on and cry about a rule on this server? Let me introduce myself to the people who do not recognize me by this name (sergeitarsaus). My name is Sergei, better known as Jeff Kaplan on the GmodRP server, I am a Dutch gamer and I like to code... A week or 2 ago, you have removed the FailRP rule, this means that a lot of things that can ruin the game are now allowed, which is making it annoying sometimes as for where somebody would get a ban a few weeks ago, now they can just live their lives. People hiding in spawn to avoid RP elements (Arrests, killing, assassination, kidnapping, etc.). I know that I don't have the full sight and you guys may have a good reason for this, but I haven't heard it yet, so I am still convinced that not having a FailRP rule is bad for the server. I would like to hear the Staff's opinion on this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  11. Just say Wigga instead I guess, wigga is a nice word
  12. can't find the donator page on this site...

    1. Smish


      Gmod or mc?


    2. Hugeseemly


      He is talking about it in general, if you click on store it brings you to nothing.

  13. Can you make the GMOD RP rules more accessible? Thanks
  14. Video speaks for itself, his Steam is above 2017-05-23_17-19-31.mp4
  15. My name Jeff