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  1. Survival 2.0 is on it's way! Help make it better!
  2. hello I can not figure out how to join mall rp can you tell me how plz


  3. 3 alts.
  4. This has been resolved.
  5. You may also now submit Kasprr's in png form and I'll upload them to the site.
  6. I made it more obvious.
  7. Details please steamID, name, etc. Pointshop should be working now, but if you didn't get your item that's something else. Also PM me your transaction ID.
  8. The issue with the Anvil is the EnchantLimiter plugin which is the latest version and still has some bugs with anvils. There are others out there but only go to 1.10. I'll try to experiment with it later tonight and fix the issue.
  9. If you are looking for the Garry's Mod server you can use console. Open it up Type "connect" enter. It should connect you straight to the server.
  10. I would love to update it, though I have not a lot of time open around this time to do art work and fix things. All text based stuff is updated. Only Art is outdated.
  11. I'll be updating it very soon.
  12. we use more ip's so we can advertise in more places.
  13. As you may have noticed if you watch my videos that I have been absent a bit more than normal. I have been trying to work on videos and getting some sort of way to stream in place but I was struck with a sickness that I can't pronounce but my doctor can say very fast a few times. I had swelling in my head, hands, shoulders, neck, back, and bronchitis at the same time. This made me spend more time at the ER than I wanted to. There was also a lot of personal issues that arose with my father and we are going to be moving a few states and dealing with a lot of shit. I don't know if I'll actually reveal what has happened but for anything to do with servers please contact @Kasprr @Kikø™ or @Smish. Videos will be slow. Quite slow. I'll figure something out. But fuck it's complicated. A few people will understand that sentence. ANYWAYS, you can contact me over Twitter, Snapchat, etc. thank you all for reading. Just a quick thing I had to write for people. if you want to help me out, I'll make an update more than likely a bit more in depth on YouTube but will exclude a lot that has happened.
  14. Will be added.