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  1. RP Name: Agustus Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76403082 Name of staff member who banned you: IDK (Doesn't Say) Length of ban: Permanent Why were you banned? Racism Why should we lift your ban? I was banned for racism, but I really didn't mean what I said. I was consistently getting targeted by all the members of the baby gang at that time, and honestly I just couldn't take it anymore and called the guy the N word. I really regret saying this, and I didn't mean to offend anyone but I was honestly getting pretty mad over it. I was also about to buy a cc, and even asked Shadow multiple questions about buying it, and the stuff I could have on it. I know saying that wont have any effect over the decision you guys are going to make about this appeal, but I really enjoyed the 5 hours I put in and would love to put more hours in! The ban: -------===== [ BANNED ] =====------- ---= Reason =--- Racism [Recorded] 0076403082 ---= Time Left =--- (Permaban) {BANNED_BY}} | appeal on forums | Connecting to -------===== [ BANNED ] =====------- ---= Reason =--- Racism [Recorded] 0076403082 ---= Time Left =--- (Permaban) {BANNED_BY}} | appeal on forums |
  2. I was wondering if you guys are ever gonna add wire mod to the server.