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  1. So we have a subreddit now /r/plexiate <--- Click me Any feedback is appreciated
  2. oh its intended go on it with sound enabled
  3. I will be streaming the new map and you guys are more than welcome to join us there will be some giveaways so tune in and play.
  4. So we have decided after talking to players on the server that every once in a while we should change the map around so it doesnt get same old same old. We are working on a few new maps which need optimization and a few things added to them to make them friendly with the server and ready to play on, This could take a few days to a few weeks. When it does come to the day we change the map over to the new one we will be running an event where 5 players can get FREE perma weapons as part of the event and a few more fun idea's that are being worked on. We will let you know as soon as possible when the change over is going to happen and hope to see all of you there. Kind Regards Smish Gmod Server(s) Manager
  5. garrys mod

    We are!
  6. It shouldnt be. If it happens @ me on discord
  7. I have decided to unban you. This will go through at 10am GMT 21/06/17
  8. DENIED You have not put a valid reason to get unbanned try again in 2 weeks
  9. garrys mod

    Denied Try again in 2 weeks
  10. DENIED Do not try to guilt trip the staff Also adding them on steam and asking them to look at the post is a big no no Try again in 2 weeks.
  11. Accepted The team has decided to unban you. Looking forward to see you on the server.
  12. DENIED After review the staff has decided to deny your appeal.
  13. The team has decided to reduce your ban to 5 days. See you on Saturday and dont be foolish again.
  14. You can report a post which the flags it to us, We will then deal with it from there.
  15. I shall ask @Kasprr& @Plexiateabout this and go from there. Locked.