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  1. comment if you hate people begging for attention.

    1. SxAshHowl


      Dab on the haters


  2. i dont think he can stick to walls and attack people while doing that. the spider web is a weapon too, right?
  3. No, this is a bad idea but i think kasprr should add in some more weapons, me and kasprr made the Solider class and im hoping he will add some new stuff in it.
  4. Join Vault-Tec to rent or Buy a private room just for yourself or for your family! Vault-Tec has Number 1 security over all of the other towns! Vault-Tec Provides you what you really need for the apocalypse like Food, Water, Security, Kindness, And GREAT Shelter! Vault-Tec has a free living room in case if the rooms are full, or you are poor to rent a room out. The living room is a good secure place for all of our people who cant afford to rent out a room. Finally, Vault-Tec goes by room orders, 1st class is the best, 2nd class is good, and 3rd class is okay. So, whats there to lose? join Vault-Tec today and get your free first night to see whats it like! Join Vault-Tec Today! Disclaimer: Vault-Tec goes by Real life time, so when you rent out a room, you have to pay Weekly to get what you want. if you don't pay, we can give you a free week, but after that free week, your moving out. If you don't get your items and move out under the 24 hour time limit then we take your items. Remember to follow this.
  5. Hopefully you enjoy
  6. garrys mod

    the video was removed, please provide good evidence.
  7. I dont think it will change.
  8. great video, you guys should check it out!

  9. Make a ban appeal, good luck with you. LOCKED
  10. You must have issues with your computer or your internet. What i would do if i was in this situation is restart both things. Furthermore, i don't really know.
  11. Wont be on for a bit since ill be out of school and ill like to sit back and relax, ill try to get on the server but im busy with mostly editing videos and making them. Ill try to make a video on the server but with limited FPS i need a better PC than i have rn.

  12. Hugeseemly

  13. You should look at the motd before you actually play the server.
  14. IP
  15. you searched up anime girl for a prostitute model, thats gay.