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  1. Your application was denied on the 10th of May.
  2. If it's clearly not going to be used again/nobody goes near it for a long time then it is okay to claim over it and use the land. Just be prepared in case they want the structure back (it is unlikely if it's half built and been there forever but we've still gotta try to make everyone happy here)
  3. Anvils at spawn are very broken, they took Morgora's infinity bow and mending book (just so we don't forget)
  4. congrats on being my server manager buddy

  5. Accepted - Stealing items again will result in a permanent ban. You will be unbanned shortly.
  6. After discussion, your appeal has been ruled as Accepted - Your ban will remain for a week. Please ensure that you read thoroughly through the rules next time!
  7. Staff applications are closed but you may apply later on. I'm sure that Shadow is under control and working on making the staff team efficient.
  8. minecraft

    Thread locked because this should now be sorted.
  9. minecraft

    Yes, however the main point of this discussion is to decide if there was any wrong doing.
  10. minecraft

    I feel as if Austin shouldn't have done the kicking, and should have said no. Although, Kasprr/Brian should have a final answer to this as they manage the community. I also have some DMs i'll show privately if I need to.
  11. twenty one pilots more like gay idiot music HAHAAHAHHAA

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      scum bag

      fucking normies get of my steam reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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      I like that band.

    4. Kikø™


      Plex knows what's up

  12. minecraft

    I will lower your ban later today. As a trial mod on GMOD you should know this isn't the right thing to do. Accepted
  13. nobody expects the spanish inquisition