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  3. LeoTheLIon

    im confused are you trying to apply for staff? because staff applications are closed right now sadly
  4. LeoTheLIon

  5. Fearless_MC

    "greetings! i am a young traveller seeking landmarks i am grandestnan i was here on 9/6/2018 happy 0,0" You posted that sign right next to my unprotected chests with diamonds and emeralds, thank you for being honest and not stealing anything.
  6. LeoTheLIon

  7. Sek

    Crates and artifacts all drop on the ground. There is no issues with any of the code.
  8. CornFlakeJake

    Quick edit: after I re-logged it allowed me to get new artifacts and chests
  9. CornFlakeJake

    Alright, I don't see any bug report threads so I'm just going to put it here So about 10 minutes before I posted this, I was mining and according to the text onscreen, I received a treasure chest and a legendary artifact from the same block, and I only received the treasure chest. Now, 20 seconds later I got two more treasure chests in rapid succession, and I did not receive either of those. I re-logged but that didn't fix the issue. Did anyone have this happen to them, and if so how do you fix it?
  10. Speeder

    6th post on the forums!
  11. Speeder

    chrome.exe has stopped working
  12. Speeder

    I lost my money printer and 50k because of server restart twice..
  13. Speeder

    Kasprr is toxic as fuck!
  14. Speeder
  15. FluffyPigPie

    What is poppin my dudes
  16. Ribby

    Yeah that's what i was trying to say sorry.
  17. Snootch

    Then that must of been the roll back on the server. I know what you are talking about now. You weren't given that money, it was already on you at one point.
  18. Ribby

    I didn't get any bonus, it was just there when I joined.
  19. Snootch

    Well, I doubt you will get more money if they already gave you compensation with 2.4 mil. Sorry, but we all lost shit you're not any special. You only got money back if you donated for it or the bonus from VIP when it reactivated.
  20. Ribby

    No, because I was refunded 2.4m.
  21. Snootch

    Nobody was refunded anything, I doubt you will get one as well. Everything was reset and we all had to earn our money back.
  22. Ribby

    I used to own the 1.2m lamborghini in this server, before the server got reset and I didn't get a chance to refund it for money. If you'd like proof, ask someone like voice because he's tped to me while i've been in my lambo. Ok, thanks.
  23. jabernathy201

    It was working for a while when you promoted me manually in game but i think it must have set me back to user when you re-did the server
  24. basically i bough a custom class and dont know my transaction ID
  25. Duckle

    So basically i bought Custom Class but i dont know my transaction ID help
  26. Tennessine

    The other people on the server were helpful and apparently mods like OptiFine, WAILA or NEI are allowed. The minimap is risky though, so I just played it safe.
  27. BillFreeman

    now I am winning haha
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