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  5. RonWilsonBusDriver

    +1 If people propkill with it, it should be an instant ban. You can still propkill with it using the grav gun anyways
  6. RonWilsonBusDriver

    +1 I agree
  7. Kasprr

    Printers have been adjusted. They should cool down faster fully upgraded. The cool down feature is meant to balance them. The printers that do overheat (ruby, diamond, and emerald) still give a very significant amount of money for being fully idle.
  8. atlas

    +1 I like it.
  9. BucketLord

    +1 Yee yee feller
  10. BucketLord

    +1 It'd be nice to be able to leave printers idle without them overheating to ensure maximum money is made.
  11. SteveDender

    I Can Only Go Idle From The Printer Because If I Click It Once It Will Burn Up And If I Just Left It Sit Their It Will Burn Up Anyways! Please Fix. Thank You And Have A Nice Day! Proof:
  12. BucketLord

    +1 Hey that's pretty gay
  13. 2000blocks

    While theoretically every server is different, a custom class is a custom job only you can use. VIP gives you access to a variety of different jobs and therefore adverts as those jobs, but not a custom class. Some servers let VIP passes give more, such as money or a second chance before banning you, but having a custom class entails so much that it's usually the only part of the purchase. Custom classes are usually expensive since it requires everybody downloads the addons of the items you want your class to have. On the other hand, if you have money to spare on added weapons, advert rights, and/or tools , a custom class will always spawn with those items and give you access to many more opportunities.
  14. Ethan

    Love the idea +1
  15. SteveDender

    @NoVoiceChanger You Made A Good Point In Twitch So I Agree To That.
  16. NoVoiceChanger

    Let's make em pay for it. I like it +1
  17. Breezy

  18. SteveDender

    This Is One Of The Reasons I Love This Server Because Of Pac3 And Now You Stripped The Pac3 From Normal Players. Please Add Back. Thank You And Have Nice Day!
  19. atlas

    +1 Approved by me. Hopefully others to!
  20. NoVoiceChanger

    I like it +1
  21. Breezy

  22. Top of the Mornin' PlexRP! I'm here to make a suggestion for the forums, that is of course to add a category for gangs, or organizations made my in-game users. This is of course to make our VC Mafia, but also to support others in making rival Organizations to fight for control of what we know as PlexRP's Downtown. The Category should, or can include the format or requirements to make an Organization. Which can include at least 3 or more members ( Active! ) and a list of those members on a roster to your Organization. We can make this known as the "Organization Creation Format." or something along those lines. This has been my 2nd suggestion of the day... Support me ❤️: VC Mafia! ❤️ Sincerely~
  23. Current Manager / 2nd in Command of the VC Mafia. Holder of the Original idea to form this with the name.

  24. Hastexy

  25. Anonymous

    I give this a lot of credit! Let’s Make This Happen +1
  26. SteveDender

    When You Meth Cook With Gravgun It Hurts But If You Cook With A Physgun It A Bit More Easier Because You Can Freeze The Pots And Stove. If You Do This The Meth Cooking Will Be Perfect-o. Thank You And Have A Nice Day!
  27. NoVoiceChanger

    +1 I like it.
  28. Top of the Mornin' PlexRP! This is my Official Suggestion post for the VC Mafia Territory ( Soon to be Officially made on Forums. ) I have a dream we can make this in to something huge and growing every single second of the day! To continue this we're going to need some dedicated members, resources, and of course. Space! So this is why i'm Petitioning a dedicated space on the map for the VC Mafia Team, of course I'll specify the location right now as the below pictured area. (As you can see it's a decent amount of space for our Mafia to be allocated to accordingly and after official applications, or interviews are held we can take a limit to the players allowed inside. - definitely not a Crident plug 😉 - Also, just a little thing here for the owner and everyone: Crident is the most amazing, dank services around for Garry's Mod hosting and I've used them personally and I know it's already promoted in the server's main portal but I have some experience with them as well and I haven't been disappointed, Once! For every +1 this get's NoVoiceChanger will not be called SwaggerSouls again. ( and we will get this dream 😉 )
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