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  3. Tennessine

    Is it okay to use simple mods like WAILA, or Not Enough Items? I've also got a minimap. The problem is, I can't disable them (for some reason, it doesn't work). I just wanted a nice and simple, survival-only server (this one). I'll try and find a way if you say no.
  4. BillFreeman

    I already made a post in staff applies just go ahead and delete this if not good luck. this is the link btw This
  5. BillFreeman

    it's a bit too late to say this but good luck.
  6. BillFreeman

    I'm sure it all will be fixed and a lot of players will come back>>>Hopfully.
  7. Kasprr

    NLR is not a thing and RDM falls under FGR.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ribby

    Honestly can't tell if you're joking or you're dumb. NLR is a thing. RDM Is not allowed.
  10. FluffyPigPie

    NLR does not exist, RDM is not against rules
  11. FluffyPigPie

    no m e
  12. Last week
  13. FluffyPigPie

    The million he gave away was removed from reset rip
  14. Plexiate

    Server back up!
  15. Sammyyoyo

    The server was down *facepalm*
  16. DatRandomBoi

    I have the same issue. Can any staff give an insight? - Ive also tried connecting through console commands and this also results without connection
  17. JazzyBiscuit

    Was playing on the server earlier today and I just came back to find that the server isn't in the server list anymore. I had the server in my favorites list and it is no longer there. I could not find the server through the search bar or the legacy browser. Does anyone know what's going on?
  18. The real Tiddly Winks 😃

  19. JazzyBiscuit

    no me
  20. ZoidBurg

    There was no staff on
  21. Sammyyoyo

    In the future, call a staff member in discord using @garysmodstaff. Forums aren't very active
  22. Ribby

    Hey, you didn't really need to make a post. There's something called admin chat, where you type @.
  23. ZoidBurg

  24. ZoidBurg

    I need a mod on rn there are people prop blocking spawn
  25. Sammyyoyo

    Damn y'all gave up way too fast. They're working on stability. Sad to see people just giving up and leaving.
  26. Bumi

    Server is good and not toxic like Bill mentions. I just haven't been happy the past few days and me pretending to be goofy/happy in the server just didn't cut it for me. I just felt like I was being annoying at one point. So I am bailing. Best of Luck and if you want you can give my custom class away in a giveaway or just get rid of it. Sorry for the troubles
  27. BillFreeman

    i'm winning
  28. BillFreeman

    the server was and still is unstable and the players are a bit toxic,
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