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Bumi's Huge Suggestions

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New RP roles:

Name: Pianist

Description: This isn't Beethoven

What it does: Spawns a piano and plays music for tips

Name: Casino Manager

Description: Odds are in my favor

What it does: Able to purchase some casino related games and can profit a % of it.

Name: Mercenary (VIP)

Description: Get the cash and get the job done

What it does: Able to get paid to help assist raid a location. Each pay is for one job. 


Remove the ability for people to place their own cameras that way people actually hire a security tech.

Improve VIP printers. They tend to overheat fast and breakdown which makes it a bit of a pain in the butt.

If possible lower the casino slot machines pay to use a bit. 500 is a bit too much and you get low payouts most of the time.

Donation just for donating like not really buying anything. Like a $5 dollar one.








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I'll bookmark this and check in on adding some of this later on.

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