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  •  Vape Dealer (or anyone the vape dealer sells to) can very easily spam the "Go Green" tag line infinitely while vaping, I think there should be some cool down on this
  • The "Pro Thief" job's skin is the same as the "Gun Dealer" skin and causes a lot of confusion, this has even lead to an admin accusing me of using /job and typing pro thief
  • DJ's are constantly placing radios, making them play ear-rape, and then hiding the radios under solid props. Radios shouldn't be allowed to be completely hidden under solid props
  • Swat Officer badges can be seen through walls
  • Terrorist Leaders "/terror" has no announcement except a small one in chat. Many players (and even staff in some cases) simply think someone is Mass RDM'ing. A more significant announcement seems in order


  • The bank vault is very hard to find and lots of cops don't even know where it is
  • When robbing the bank, the wanted/warrant on the robber is shorter than the duration of the bank heist
  • The !radio command doesn't seem to work (maybe I'm using it wrong)
  • When any 3D Text Screen is spawned above a door, the door can no longer open or close
  • There aren't very many vehicles currently, adding some more would be great
  • Many people don't even know the party system (or many other features) exist. More advertisement of features would be great


  • There are no restrictions on laws the Mayor can make. I've seen some outrageous laws and I feel some restrictions should be placed on the laws a Mayor can create
  • There is no minimum font size for KOS signs. I've seen a few players pull the classic very tiny KOS sign, this could be dealt with with a rule
  • Gun Dealers can freely self supply, I'm not sure if this is intended but it kind of breaks RP and takes up unnecessary Gun Dealer slots (there are only 2 after all)

With all of this being said, I am very much enjoying this server. The staff are responsive, well rounded, and very respectful. The player base is surprisingly fun and not too mingey. This server has introduced some things in DarkRP that actually make it refreshing. The custom raid plugin being a great example of that. The server is still extremely laggy as I'm sure everyone is aware. I hope an effort is being made to fix this as doing anything as simple as driving vehicles can be impossible with 200 ping. I'm loving the server and by the looks of it, many other players are too. To all of the development and staff team, keep up the good work. Everyone seems to be loving the PlexRP experience.

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1 hour ago, Sammyyoyo said:

When any 3D Text Screen is spawned above a door, the door can no longer open or close

That's the same with every server I have been on and not something I think they can easily fix.

You can place text on the bottom rows of the textscreen tool and put it slightly in the roof that normally works.

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On 8/10/2018 at 5:30 AM, Sammyyoyo said:

DJ's are constantly placing radios

DJ's Can Only Have One Radio.

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