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  1. BillFreeman

    now I am winning haha
  2. BillFreeman

    I already made a post in staff applies just go ahead and delete this if not good luck. this is the link btw This
  3. BillFreeman

    it's a bit too late to say this but good luck.
  4. BillFreeman

    I'm sure it all will be fixed and a lot of players will come back>>>Hopfully.
  5. BillFreeman

    i'm winning
  6. BillFreeman

    the server was and still is unstable and the players are a bit toxic,
  7. BillFreeman

    It's In The Base Game Go To You're Options And Enable It Or Use these commands:gmod_mcore_test 1mat_queue_mode -1cl_threaded_bone_setup 1
  8. BillFreeman

    DJ's Can Only Have One Radio.