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  1. Ribby

    A legend returns. Also thanks for 260 profile views. G'bye.
  2. Ribby

    Yeah that's what i was trying to say sorry.
  3. Ribby

    I didn't get any bonus, it was just there when I joined.
  4. Ribby

    No, because I was refunded 2.4m.
  5. Ribby

    I used to own the 1.2m lamborghini in this server, before the server got reset and I didn't get a chance to refund it for money. If you'd like proof, ask someone like voice because he's tped to me while i've been in my lambo. Ok, thanks.
  6. Ribby

    It's under fetal growth restriction? the fuck?
  7. Ribby

    Honestly can't tell if you're joking or you're dumb. NLR is a thing. RDM Is not allowed.
  8. Ribby

    Hey, you didn't really need to make a post. There's something called admin chat, where you type @.
  9. Name: Playtime: SteamID: Age: What makes you qualified to become staff on PlexRP? (150 words minimum.) Why should we choose you over other people to become staff? : (75-80 Words Minimum.) What does RDA Mean? : What Does RDM Mean? : What Does NLR Mean? : You do understand that if you break any rules while you're a staff member, you will be striked and you have a total of 3 strikes? before being demoted down to a lower rank, or staff member at all? : How did you find out about PlexRP: Any other information you would like to let us know about: This would be good, it makes you fill out info like a normal Gmod staff application, but it's short like a google form. -Ribby
  10. This guy is very good at his job. -Very helpful -Does the correct things -A kind person/moderator. -Very quick response times to sits. -Generally a very good person So yeah, consider this. He's a very good mod.
  11. We need more betting systems than just the spin machines where it rolls. Maybe roulette, I don't know. I'm a gambling addict.
  12. Ribby

    Hey guys, nice to see you! I'm Ribby, you can also call me Rib if you'd like. I love Gmod and have over 1,800 hours (pretty sad, right?) PlexRP is a quality server and Plex puts lots of dedication into the server. CYA! -Ribby
  13. Ribby

    Nice! It's much easier than having to fill it out in a big application format, that half the other servers have.