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  1. Ribby

    Honestly can't tell if you're joking or you're dumb. NLR is a thing. RDM Is not allowed.
  2. Ribby

    Hey, you didn't really need to make a post. There's something called admin chat, where you type @.
  3. Name: Playtime: SteamID: Age: What makes you qualified to become staff on PlexRP? (150 words minimum.) Why should we choose you over other people to become staff? : (75-80 Words Minimum.) What does RDA Mean? : What Does RDM Mean? : What Does NLR Mean? : You do understand that if you break any rules while you're a staff member, you will be striked and you have a total of 3 strikes? before being demoted down to a lower rank, or staff member at all? : How did you find out about PlexRP: Any other information you would like to let us know about: This would be good, it makes you fill out info like a normal Gmod staff application, but it's short like a google form. -Ribby
  4. This guy is very good at his job. -Very helpful -Does the correct things -A kind person/moderator. -Very quick response times to sits. -Generally a very good person So yeah, consider this. He's a very good mod.
  5. We need more betting systems than just the spin machines where it rolls. Maybe roulette, I don't know. I'm a gambling addict.
  6. Ribby

    Hey guys, nice to see you! I'm Ribby, you can also call me Rib if you'd like. I love Gmod and have over 1,800 hours (pretty sad, right?) PlexRP is a quality server and Plex puts lots of dedication into the server. CYA! -Ribby
  7. Ribby

    Nice! It's much easier than having to fill it out in a big application format, that half the other servers have.