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  1. SteveDender

    I Can Only Go Idle From The Printer Because If I Click It Once It Will Burn Up And If I Just Left It Sit Their It Will Burn Up Anyways! Please Fix. Thank You And Have A Nice Day! Proof:
  2. SteveDender

    @NoVoiceChanger You Made A Good Point In Twitch So I Agree To That.
  3. SteveDender

    This Is One Of The Reasons I Love This Server Because Of Pac3 And Now You Stripped The Pac3 From Normal Players. Please Add Back. Thank You And Have Nice Day!
  4. SteveDender

    When You Meth Cook With Gravgun It Hurts But If You Cook With A Physgun It A Bit More Easier Because You Can Freeze The Pots And Stove. If You Do This The Meth Cooking Will Be Perfect-o. Thank You And Have A Nice Day!